Why we’re nuts about our corozo buttons

Why we’re nuts about our corozo buttons

At Uncompromised, we’re obsessed with every tiny detail of our sustainable men’s clothing collections. For instance, we only ever use corozo nut buttons on our polos and shirts. We do this both because they’re much nicer - who doesn’t prefer beautifully turned wood to moulded unsaturated polyester resin? - and also because even small amounts of plastic quickly add up. Fashion uses 25 billion buttons a year* and the vast majority of these are made of plastic. That’s a lot of plastic that will end up burned, buried in landfill or, even worse, dumped in the sea. And that’s on top of all of the other plastic used in fabrics, cuffs, hems, fittings and fillings. Most fashion brands use plastic buttons simply because they’re cheaper and without concern for the impact on the environment - we don’t think that’s good enough.

Corozo comes from the tagua nut, otherwise known as vegetable ivory. And, as the name suggests, it’s a beautiful material that’s naturally hard which means it’s scratch & impact resistant and will last longer than plastic. Plus it’s natural, non-toxic, vegan friendly and fully washable.

Tagua plants grow in the rainforest rather than plantations so they’re completely organic and the seeds are harvested after falling to the ground ensuring the plants aren’t harmed. This also provides sustainable, local income from the rainforest which helps to prevent deforestation for cattle or farming.

Stylists will tell you it’s the small details that count, so don’t compromise and upgrade to corozo buttons. They’re better looking, better performing and better for the environment meaning you’ll look and feel as bright as a (nut) button.

*The Guardian.