Slow down, you're moving too fast

Slow down, you're moving too fast

Which clothes give you the greatest pleasure?  When you think about it - is it the top in this summer’s latest nautical print, the bold bermudas you got for your last holiday, the cheap white jeans that looked great up until their first night out or the shirt with the latest, on-trend wide collar? Or is it the black T-shirt you keep coming back to, the comforting sweat you throw on for a big night in, or the shirt that fits just right and that you always turn to when you want to look your best?

For us, the best clothes are definitely the ones you wear hundreds of times rather than a handful of times.

We think of these as our wardrobe essentials and, if we’re honest, at first they often look more reliable and dependable than trendy or exciting.  They’re not in this season’s must have print or an achingly on-trend cut but that’s kind of the point.  Because having to always keep up with the latest look comes at a cost - either to your wallet or, more often, to the planet.

When a new top costs just a couple of quid or even mere pennies then someone is paying the price.  Not just the poor sod paid a tiny fraction of that to make it, but also the environment because the normally cheap fabrics cause damage when they’re produced, and most release millions of microplastics when they’re worn and washed and because they’re not made to last - and because they’re soon achingly off-trend - they’re mostly buried or burned within a year.

So we’d suggest building your wardrobe around a few ever present essentials - Trusty Tees, Steadfast Sweats, Dependable Denim and the like.  And we’d also suggest they should be made well, made to last and made from the most sustainable fabrics - which is why we guarantee all of our essentials are 100% animal and plastic free.