Every purchase plants a tree

Every purchase plants a tree

OK - it’s hardly a revolutionary promise but, hey, it’s still a good thing to do.

We’re setting out to build a sustainable menswear brand which guarantees to use better materials.  That’s why we promise to be animal and plastic free.

But we don’t think that’s enough.

Which is why we also avoid the other poor materials used by many rival brands - most obviously conventional cotton but also (at the risk of pointing out the obvious) recycled plastic because it shares many of the same problems as virgin plastic.

But even though we’re using the least harmful materials we’re still making and packing clothes, shipping them, running our (tiny) office and traveling about so we can make sure our partners are working in ways we’re happy with  - all of which has an environmental impact, so we’re planting a tree with every purchase to help offset that impact.

We’re supporting two different reforestation projects.  The main one is in Madagascar and plants mangrove trees because this has a relatively big impact on climate change with mangroves storing four times as much carbon as rainforests.  The second is in the UK - helping to plant a deciduous forest in Scotland - because we’d also love there to be more trees closer to home.