Animal & plastic free packaging

Animal & plastic free packaging

How your Uncompromised order wings its way from Uncompromised HQ to your front door is just as important to us as the clothing itself. That’s why we make sure that everything we use to pack up and deliver your purchase is environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% animal & plastic free. It’s important to us and we know that it’s important to you too.

Our boxes are recycled Kraft brown cardboard and printed with vegan, water-based inks - in green, naturally.  We use recycled tissue paper to wrap your garments and whilst we always encourage you to reuse packaging as much as you possibly can we don’t recommend using this particular tissue paper for nose blowing - it chafes, trust us.  The tape that we use to seal and secure our boxes is made from 100% Forest Steward Council certified recycled paper, printed with soy based inks and water activated stickiness. Soy based inks are derived from soya beans and are a great eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based inks but they don’t taste like Soy Sauce - we tried that too.

The sticky labels, which let your friendly local postman or post-lady know where to deliver your parcel, are also fully recyclable, vegan and plastic free and we currently use the Royal Mail to safely deliver your order. The Royal Mail has an expanding fleet of zero emission vehicles and you can read more about their net zero, sustainability initiatives and goals here. Please note, we cannot guarantee that your friendly local postman or post-lady will also be vegan.

We tie an Uncompromised swing tag to each garment. These tags are printed with vegan friendly inks and are made from plantable seeded paper so when you’ve finished reading it, and hopefully snapped a photo to share on social, you can pop it in some soil, keep it watered and in no time at all you should be enjoying some lovely flowers to make your world just a little bit greener.

We’re currently using wild meadow flower seeds but are considering using herb seeds for our next batch. Let us know if you like the sound of some herbs or would prefer we stick with the flowers. And we would just love to know if you’ve grown some flowers from our tags so please do send us some pictures. Our swing tags are attached to our clothes with organic jute twine which is fully biodegradable - no plastic tags here.

We hope that you enjoy receiving your deliveries from Uncompromised as much as we love sending them out - and you can rest assured that our packaging is environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% animal & plastic free - just like our clothes.